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This page is where students who are applying for one or more of the Yale College Postgraduate Fellowships (listed below) will electronically submit their Common Application. The Yale College Postgraduate Fellowships are a collection of fellowships administered by the Center for International and Professional Experience, Fellowship Programs that share a common application form and application process. Please read this entire page carefully. The application form and instructions are posted below.

If you have one project for which you are applying to multiple Yale College Postgraduate Fellowships, you need to submit only one set of application materials. You are not required or expected to customize your proposal and application materials for each specific fellowship.

More information about each individual fellowship can be found by searching Yale Student Grants for:

Charles P. Howland Fellowship
Cohen Public Service Fellowship
Frederick Mortimer Clapp Fellowship
Gordon Grand Fellowship
Parker Huang Undergraduate Travel Fellowship
Yale Glee Club Service through Music Fellowship
Robert C. Bates Postgraduate Fellowship

For general information about Yale College Postgraduate Fellowships and the types of activities eligible for funding, click here.

Application Information:

All materials must be uploaded prior to 1:00 PM on Tuesday, February 5, 2019.

Applications received late or submitted via e-mail or in person will NOT be accepted.

A complete application consists of:

1. Application: By clicking "Apply" in Yale Student Grants, you can review all required sections and start your common application. Once started, you will indicate the fellowships (listed above) to which you are applying.

2. Language Evaluation: Required for projects conducted in non-native languages. Your language evaluation should be submitted electronically by your evaluator through the Yale Student Grants Database. Once you start your application in Yale Student Grants you will be able to enter the e-mail address of your evaluator and solicit your language evaluation. This will then automatically send the evaluation form to your evaluator.

3. Letter of Affiliation (optional): Where possible or appropriate, letters of support or affiliation or other statements from sponsors or contacts in the proposed host country. Please obtain a signed copy of this letter yourself and upload it through your Yale Student Grants dashboard by the application deadline. If you do not intend to submit a Letter of Affiliation, please disregard this step.

4. Letter of Reference: Two letters of recommendation requested and submitted electronically through the Student Grants Database. You will be able to solicit these letters once you start your online application through the Common Application. Additional letters of recommendation will not be accepted. Both of these letters must come from members of the Yale faculty. One of these letters must come from someone who has taught you at Yale. Letters are expected to be received prior to the application deadline. Letters submitted late may not be reviewed with your application. Only one letter of recommendation is required for students only applying for the Frederick Mortimer Clapp Fellowship.

5. Project Proposal/Program of Study: A written proposal (1,000 words maximum, double spaced) describing in detail the project or program of study and travel, its objectives and challenges, your preparation, and how it will enhance and diversify your personal and academic goals. A well-planned itinerary should be included, if appropriate. Your Project Proposal/Program of Study must be uploaded and submitted electronically.

6. Resume/List of Activities and Awards: A current résumé, including significant extracurricular activities, work experience, awards and honors (one-page maximum, additional pages will be discarded). Your Resume/List of Activities and Awards must be uploaded and submitted electronically.

7. Supplemental Material: For applicants to the Frederick Mortimer Clapp Fellowship only: A portfolio of English poetry written and assembled by the applicant. Your portfolio may be uploaded and submitted electronically or submitted in person to CIPE prior to the deadline.

8. Transcripts from Yale and Other Institutions: If applicable, unofficial transcripts from any institution attended for post-secondary studies. Your transcript(s) must be scanned, uploaded and submitted electronically. Only submit the pages of your transcript showing grades, we do not require the codes on the back.

Interested applicants should attend an information session at the Yale Center for International and Professional Experience and, once attended, may schedule an appointment with a Fellowship Adviser. Meeting with an adviser is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged. Click here to view a calendar of upcoming information sessions and events.

Special Eligibility Requirements:

Not all fellowships support all activities, please read the description of each individual fellowship carefully as eligibility and restrictions will vary.

You may apply for only a single unique project for Yale College Postgraduate Fellowships. You may, however, apply for multiple fellowships using this proposal, and you need to submit only one set of application materials. You are not required or expected to customize your proposal and application materials for each specific fellowship.

Your project must begin BEFORE September 1 of the award year.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

All interested applicants must review the Yale University International Travel Policy. Projects in specific countries within approved regions may not be eligible for funding based on current MedEx threat ratings, State Department Warnings, and the Yale University International Travel Policy.

Yale University policy requires that certain types of research projects involving human subjects be reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB) prior to the start of the study to ensure that the project meets University requirements and any applicable regulations. Click Here to see if your project needs to be reviewed (click on "student projects"), for advice on working with human subjects, and for more information about the process and requirements.

International students are not normally given grants for projects conducted in their home countries. If there is a question, make an appointment with a fellowships adviser.

Links to Additional Information:

  1. CIPE Fellowship Policies
  2. Fellowship Programs, Center for International and Professional Experience

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Robert Clough at
Begin Accepting Applications Date:
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2/05/2019 1:00 PM