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Luce Scholars Program
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transportation, insurance, and a monthly stipend through the period of their participation sufficient to meet all normal expenses in Asia
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Global/National - Yale Endorsement


The next campus application deadline will be 1:00 PM on September 25, 2018.

The Henry Luce Foundation annually selects fifteen to eighteen Luce Scholars in various fields to participate in one-year internships in Asia. The Luce Scholars Program, established in 1974, is built around individual internships and work/study arrangements developed by representatives of the Asia Foundation and based on the participants' career interests, qualifications, and experience. Each Scholar spends July and August abroad studying the language of the placement country; work assignments run for approximately ten months, from September until July of the following year. Rather than offer training for future Asia specialists, this program concentrates exclusively on providing an intensive cultural experience in Asia to young Americans from other fields who would not otherwise expect to have such an opportunity during the normal course of their careers. The Luce Scholars Program operates throughout most of East and Southeast Asia: Japan, South Korea, China, Mongolia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, India, Nepal, Singapore and Indonesia. At this point, placement is not a practical possibility in Burma or North Korea.

While some Scholars have been affiliated with Asian universities in teaching or research capacities, none of the participants is formally enrolled as a student in a college or university and no academic credit is offered. The range of assignments is extraordinarily broad. Although each Scholar's placement provides a professional venue and perspective, the assignments themselves should be viewed as a mechanism through which to gain a broader understanding and appreciation of the culture in which one is living. Specific placements have included an architectural firm in Tokyo, a forestry project in Indonesia, a training facility for public administration in Malaysia, a master gardener in Kyoto, a community medicine project in the Philippines, and a banking authority in Singapore.

Luce Scholars receive from the Luce Foundation transportation, insurance, and a monthly stipend through the period of their participation sufficient to meet all normal expenses in Asia. Additional cost-of-living and housing allowances may be provided to participants in certain locations. Although they may occupy professional positions in Asian institutions or agencies as part of their assignment, Luce Scholars receive no compensation from their local sponsors.

Application Information:

Interested applicants should, after doing some research of their own, schedule an appointment with a Fellowships adviser at the Center for International & Professional Experience.

Detailed information and the official application are available on the Luce Foundation website. A complete Yale application includes one copy of each of the following items:

> A completed official Luce Scholars Program application form.

    The application includes a personal statement of no more than 1,000 words outlining: a) the applicant's long-range career interests and how they have developed; b) the applicant's understanding of leadership; and c) reasons for applying to the Luce Scholars Program.

> Four signed letters of recommendation.

    Letters should whenever possible represent a range of academic and professional references.

> Academic Transcripts, as follow:

    Yale College Students:
    For the initial campus application process, Fellowship Programs will pull unofficial Yale College transcripts for all applicants. However, for the ensuing national competition, nominees must request official transcripts from the Yale College Registrar (to be ordered through our office). One copy of an official transcript (to be sent directly to the Luce Scholars Program Committee, c/o Fellowship Programs) is also required from any other institution attended for post-secondary studies.

    Graduate and Professional School Students:
    For the initial campus competition, applicants must request official college and graduate transcripts from the appropriate Registrar's office (to be sent directly to the Luce Scholars Program Committee, c/o Fellowship Programs). Only one official copy of each transcript is required.

NOTE: Applicants selected as University nominees to the national competition must also submit two recent color passport-size photographs. The nominee's name should be printed on the backs of both pictures.

Special Eligibility Requirements:

Yale University is invited to nominate three candidates to the national competition. The University's nomination process is coordinated by Fellowship Programs at the Yale Center for International & Professional Experience.

Eligible are graduating seniors, graduate and professional school students, recent graduates, and junior faculty.

Nominees must be U.S. citizens who by July 1st of the year in which they would enter the program will be no more than twenty-nine years of age and will have earned a bachelor's degree. In addition, nominees will be considered ineligible if they have had significant exposure to Asia--whether through service in the Peace Corps, a lengthy period of foreign study or residence in Asia, extensive travel in that region, or through other means. However, the general interest represented by a course or two taken in the U.S. in Asian studies or languages is not grounds for disqualification. Further, a candidate may have spent up to a total of twelve weeks in countries where Luce Scholars are placed.

Candidates must demonstrate an outstanding capacity for leadership and a record of high achievement. They should possess mature and clearly defined career interests with evidence of potential for professional accomplishment within that field. Personal qualities such as flexibility, adaptability, creativity, humility, openness to new ideas, and sensitivity to cultural differences are as important as academic achievement.

Candidates will not be judged on the basis of whether they have developed specific plans for their Asian experience, although they may have general ideas about the kind of placement preferred. Financial need is not a criterion for selection.

Nominees are invited for personal interviews by representatives of the Luce Foundation in December and January; finalists are interviewed again in late February and early March.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

(none provided)

Links to Additional Information:

  1. Official Luce Scholars Website
  2. Application advice

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Robert Clough at

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              • SOM (MBA) - Nonprofit Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Operations Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Public Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Strategy
              • SOM (PhD) - Accounting
              • SOM (PhD) - Finance
              • SOM (PhD) – Marketing
              • School of Medicine All
              • YSM - M.D.
              • YSM - Ph.D
              • School of Music All
              • Mus - M. Music
              • Mus - M. Musical Arts
              • Mus - D. Musical Arts
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