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Keasbey Scholarship
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fully supports two years of graduate study at sele
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Global/National - Yale Endorsement


In the fall of 2016, Yale is invited to nominate two candidates from the class of 2017 for the Keasbey, for study in the UK beginning in 2017-18. The campus application deadline is 1pm on October 17, 2016.

Marguerite Keasbey established the Henry Griffith Keasbey and Anna Griffith Keasbey Memorial Foundation in 1953 to honor her parents. In the interest of promoting Anglo-American relations and providing Americans with an opportunity to experience the British educational system, the Keasbey Memorial Foundation awards scholarships annually to support one or two years of postgraduate study (depending on the duration of the degree course for which application is made) at the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, or Aberystwyth.

Yale College is one of a select group of American institutions invited every three years to nominate candidates to the national competition. In the autumn of 2016, Yale is invited to nominate two members of the class of 2017 for the Keasbey, for study beginning in 2017-18. Nominees will be invited for personal interviews by the Trustees of the Keasbey Foundation in Philadelphia on December 9, 2016, and it is expected that two Scholars will be named for study in Britain beginning in 2017-18.

The Keasbey Scholarship award consists of a direct payment to the British institution involved to cover tuition and other fixed charges, a cost of living stipend paid to the Scholar to cover board, lodging, and general subsistence, and an allowance for travel between the United States and Great Britain. The stipend is approximately equal to that of the Rhodes Scholarship. 

Application Information:

Interested Yale applicants, after doing some research of their own, may refer questions to Fellowship Programs at the Yale College Center for International & Professional Experience (meetings by appointment). We are glad to advise applicants on the choice of recommenders, essays, and other application strategies.

Applications for Yale's nomination for the Keasbey must (apart from letters) be submitted via the Yale Student Grants Database before the campus application deadline.

The Keasbey application entails:

  • a brief synopsis of the proposed course of study in Britain
  • a brief synopsis of the applicant's proposed postgraduate/career plans
  • a longer statement of proposed study, showing its relationship to undergraduate study/research and career objectives (2 pages max - this essay is rather more like a Rhodes personal statement than some other essays; find advice on tackling essays for UK fellowships at the foot of the page of Fellowships advice about writing for external awards)
  • a curriculum vitae (2 pages max)
  • Three letters of reference, normally from faculty in a field or fields relevant to the applicant's proposed postgraduate degree program.**Letters of recommendation may be submitted via the Student Grants Database (as pdfs of signed letters on letterhead) OR submitted to the Fellowships office by the Yale application deadline as signed originals, on letterhead. (Hardcopies may be given to applicants in sealed envelopes, with signatures across the flap, for delivery to the Fellowships office, or they may be posted directly to Fellowship Programs, 55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd floor, New Haven, CT 06510.)
  • Transcripts: For the initial campus competition, unofficial Yale College transcripts will suffice. However, for the ensuing national competition, each nominee must request an official transcript from the Yale College Registrar. An official transcript must also be requested from any other institution attended for post-secondary studies (to be sent directly to the Fellowships office, to arrive by the end of October). Only one official copy of each transcript is required.


Applicants for the Keasbey are strongly advised to apply to the British university for the degree course of their choice by the application deadline for that course or by early December and the Keasbey finalist interviews, whichever comes first. (Like the Rhodes, the Keasbey would support either a graduate degree or, in the case of Oxford or Cambridge, a second bachelor's degree in two years, sometimes called an affiliated degree.)

Special Eligibility Requirements:

The qualities the Keasbey Foundation expects in applicants are academic excellence, active participation in extracurricular activities, leadership abilities, and personal promise.

Eligible to apply for nomination every three years are graduating seniors who are US citizens. After the Yale College class of 2017, the next class eligible for the Keasbey at Yale is expected to be the class of 2020.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

A Keasbey Scholar may not hold another scholarship, such as a Rhodes or Marshall, or a Yale fellowship.

The Keasbey Scholarship may not be deferred or interrupted.

Links to Additional Information:

  1. Yale Fellowships office guidance on UK fellowships
  2. Keasbey - official website
  3. Aberystwyth University
  4. University of Cambridge
  5. University of Edinburgh
  6. University of Oxford

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For questions about this application, please contact Rebekah Westphal at

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