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Charles Kao Fund Research Grants
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The Charles Kao Fund Research Grants at The MacMillan Center provide support for summer research in East and Southeast Asia.


COVID-19 and CEAS Grants
The most up-to-date information regarding international travel and CEAS grants can be found on the COVID-19 and MacMillan Grants website.  Because the pandemic is fast-moving, and national, local, and Yale policies may change in response, the MacMillan Center will continue to update this page as new information becomes available, so check back regularly.

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The Charles Kao Fund Research Grants at The MacMillan Center provide support for summer research in East and Southeast Asia. These grants are administered by the Councils on East Asian and Southeast Asian Studies and are available to students of Yale College (including graduating seniors), graduate students in M.A. and Ph.D. programs in the Yale Graduate School of Arts & Sciences, and graduate students in the Yale professional schools. Research should focus on the impact of technology transfer processes between Asia and the West and/or among East Asia and Southeast Asia, and the social, cultural, and political transformations in these regions.

Grants support field research or other creative projects in Asia. Priority will be given to students with demonstrated long-term academic commitment to East or Southeast Asia, or those who need substantial first-hand exposure to Asia to complete a course of academic study. In the application, students should specify how their proposals address technology transfer.

The theme of technology transfer may be interpreted in a variety of ways and should provide the focus for your project, but successful projects will be the ones which best place this concept within a sociological, cultural, or political context.

Recipients of a Charles Kao Grant must submit a project report of no less than three pages upon their return from abroad. This report should include a detailed summary of the student’s research, as well as all itemized original receipts for expenses covered by the grant. Detailed requirements on reporting are provided in award letters. Accepting a Charles Kao Grant obligates one to fulfill these requirements.

Application Information:


Please read the application instructions carefully. It is the applicant's responsibility to see that the complete application, including letter of recommendation and transcript, reaches us by the deadline; applications cannot be considered without this information.

A complete application includes a project proposal; budget including information about other possible sources of funding; resume; Yale transcript; and letter of recommendation.

Your project proposal should be a personal statement of no more than two pages outlining your reasons for applying for the grant, how your proposal deals with "technology transfer," how you plan to spend the funding, and a detailed plan of research and study.

When you submit your itemized budget, please be sure to list all other pending sources of funding, both within Yale and at the national/international level, to which you are applying (including the amounts).

Please note that budget guidelines are available at the Council on East Asian Studies. Please contact with questions.

Please be sure to also upload a copy of your resume and Yale transcript (unofficial transcript is acceptable) as part of the application.

The recommender you designate in the application process will receive an email message with instructions on how to submit their letter of recommendation on-line.

Applicants will be notified of the results of this award competition via email and mail by mid-April.

For more information, please click here or contact the Council on East Asian Studies at (203) 432-3426 or

Special Eligibility Requirements:

In general, applications from international students proposing research projects in their country of origin are ineligible.

Students should have already acquired the necessary level of language proficiency to complete their proposed research work.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

All undergraduate students must adhere to the Yale University International Travel Policy. For more information, please visit

Yale University policy requires that certain types of research projects involving human subjects be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to the start of the study to ensure that the project meets University Policy and any other applicable regulations. To see if your project needs to be reviewed, for advice on working with human subjects, and for more information about the IRB process and requirements, go to

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Nicholas Disantis at

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        • -- Brunei Darussalam (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Burma (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Cambodia (Southeast Asia)
        • -- China (East Asia)
        • -- Christmas Island (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Hong Kong (East Asia)
        • -- Indonesia (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Japan (East Asia)
        • -- Laos (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Macau (East Asia)
        • -- Malaysia (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Mongolia (East Asia)
        • -- Myanmar (Southeast Asia)
        • -- North Korea (East Asia)
        • -- Philippines (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Singapore (Southeast Asia)
        • -- South Korea (East Asia)
        • -- Taiwan (East Asia)
        • -- Thailand (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Timor-Leste (Southeast Asia)
        • -- Vietnam (Southeast Asia)
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            Current FAS Graduate School Discipline
            • GS A&S Humanities - American Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Classics
            • GS A&S Humanities - Comparative Literature
            • GS A&S Humanities - East Asian Languages and Literatures
            • GS A&S Humanities - English Lang & Lit
            • GS A&S Humanities - Film Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - French
            • GS A&S Humanities - Germanic Languages and Literatures
            • GS A&S Humanities - History
            • GS A&S Humanities - History of Art
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            • GS A&S Humanities - Italian Lang & Lit
            • GS A&S Humanities - Medieval Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Music
            • GS A&S Humanities - Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
            • GS A&S Humanities - Philosophy
            • GS A&S Humanities - Religious Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Renaissance Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Slavic Languages and Literatures
            • GS A&S Humanities - Spanish and Portuguese
            • GS A&S Science - Applied Mathematics
            • GS A&S Science - Astronomy
            • GS A&S Science - Biological and Biomedical Sciences
            • GS A&S Science - Biostatistics
            • GS A&S Science - Cell Biology
            • GS A&S Science - Cellular and Molecular Physiology
            • GS A&S Science - Chemistry
            • GS A&S Science - Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
            • GS A&S Science - Computer Science
            • GS A&S Science - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
            • GS A&S Science - Engineering and Applied Science
            • GS A&S Science - Epidemiology and Public Health
            • GS A&S Science - Experimental Pathology
            • GS A&S Science - Forestry and Environmental Studies
            • GS A&S Science - Genetics
            • GS A&S Science - Geology and Geophysics
            • GS A&S Science - Immunobiology
            • GS A&S Science - Investigative Medicine
            • GS A&S Science - Mathematics
            • GS A&S Science - Microbiology
            • GS A&S Science - Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
            • GS A&S Science - Molecular; Cellular and Developmental Biology
            • GS A&S Science - Neurobiology
            • GS A&S Science - Neuroscience
            • GS A&S Science - Pharmacology
            • GS A&S Science - Physics
            • GS A&S Social Science - African American Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - African Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - Anthropology
            • GS A&S Social Science - Archaeological Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - East Asian Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - Economics
            • GS A&S Social Science - European and Russian Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - International and Development Economics
            • GS A&S Social Science - International Relations
            • GS A&S Social Science - Linguistics
            • GS A&S Social Science - Management
            • GS A&S Social Science - Political Science
            • GS A&S Social Science - Psychology
            • GS A&S Social Science - Sociology
            • GS A&S Social Science - Statistics
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              • School of Architecture All
              • Arc - M. Architecture I
              • Arc - M. Architecture II
              • Arc - M. Environmental Design
              • School of Art All
              • Art - Graphic Design
              • Art - Painting/Printmaking
              • Art - Photography
              • Art – Sculpture
              • School of Divinity All
              • Div - M. Divinity
              • Div - M.A. Religion
              • Div - S.T.M.
              • School of Drama All
              • Dra - M. Fine Arts
              • Dra - D. Fine Arts
              • School of Epidemiology and Public Health All
              • EPH - Biostatistics
              • EPH - Chronic Disease Epidemiology
              • EPH - Environmental Health Sciences
              • EPH - Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases
              • EPH - Global Health
              • EPH - Health Management
              • EPH - Health Policy and Administration
              • EPH - Social and Behavioral Sciences
              • Yale School of the Environment
              • FES - M. Environmental Management
              • FES - M. Environmental Science
              • FES - M. Forest Science
              • FES - M. Forestry
              • FES - Ph.D
              • Jackson School (MPP)
              • School of Law All
              • Law - M.S.L
              • Law - LL.M
              • Law - JD
              • Law - J.S.D
              • School of Management All
              • SOM (MBA) - Finance
              • SOM (MBA) - Leadership
              • SOM (MBA) - Marketing
              • SOM (MBA) - Nonprofit Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Operations Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Public Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Strategy
              • SOM (PhD) - Accounting
              • SOM (PhD) - Finance
              • SOM (PhD) – Marketing
              • School of Medicine All
              • YSM - M.D.
              • YSM - Ph.D
              • School of Music All
              • Mus - M. Music
              • Mus - M. Musical Arts
              • Mus - D. Musical Arts
              • School of Nursing All
              • Nur - M.S.N.
              • Nur - D.N.Sc.
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                Deadline Date (EST Time Zone) :
                2/02/2024 11:30 PM