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Russian Studies Pre-Dissertation Grants for PhD Students
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The Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies Program of the Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies announces the availability of pre-dissertation research grants to aid graduate students expecting to be engaged in pre-dissertation research on Russia anytime during the current academic year, summer of 2022, and next academic year of 2022-23. Funds are available on a rolling basis and are available until April 1, 2022. These are for exploration of research sources and general feasibility of a proposed dissertation topic. Awards can contribute to the cost of travel, research, and living expenses consistent with the standard of living in the host country, whether in Russia or elsewhere.

Graduate students in International Relations, the Humanities, and Social Sciences are eligible to apply. Masters students are eligible only if admitted to and scheduled to matriculate in a Yale PhD program. Applications must relate to a potential dissertation.

Grant funds are limited. Not all applicants will receive grants. Grants awarded may be smaller than requested and are unlikely to exceed $5,000. Allowable expenses include travel, lodging, per diem, visa fees, museum or institutional fees or admissions, and photocopying. Equipment purchases or hiring of consultants, translators, research assistants, etc. are not allowed.

Among the factors to be considered by the Committee in establishing priorities is a judgment about how the short term project may lead to a dissertation and its usefulness in better understanding international relations, Russian society and culture, and its potential contribution to expertise in the relevant discipline or field. Grant funds are limited. 

A written report of the experience is to be submitted at the completion of the research period. Recipients may be asked to offer a seminar or presentation of their field project results when they return to the Yale campus. Any publication or public presentations resulting from their projects should acknowledge the support of the MacMillan Center, the Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies Program, and the Carnegie Corporation of New York, which has provided the funds for these grants.

Application Information:


1. Project Proposal: a personal statement relating the proposed project to your degree program and career plans (not to exceed two typewritten, single-space pages). 
2. Budget of your total estimated project expenses and all sources of revenue including funds requested in this application.
3. Language Evaluation from your language instructor regarding level of proficiency in relevant language(s). If you are currently not enrolled in a language course you can submit a Language Evaluation Personal Statement instead, which is a personal statement listing all applicable language classes taken and/or knowledge of language. (ONLY for applicants who will not be submitting a language evaluation letter from instructor.) 
4. Yale transcript (unofficial transcripts are acceptable). In order to obtain one please go to  and print it as a PDF file. 
5. One letter of recommendation from a Yale faculty member who can comment knowledgeably on your project.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to see that the complete application, including letter of recommendation and transcripts, reaches us by the deadline; incomplete applications will not be considered.

Funds are available on a rolling basis and are available until April 1, 2022

Restrictions to Use of Award:

Yale University policy requires that certain types of research projects involving human subjects be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to the start of the study to ensure that the project meets University Policy and any other applicable regulations. To see if your project needs to be reviewed, for advice on working with human subjects, and for more information about the IRB process and requirements click here. Consider consulting with IRB, if necessary, well before April, when review times may take up to 25 days.

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For questions about this application, please contact Christina Andriotis at

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