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European Studies Council - Fall Semester, Winter, and Spring Break Travel/Conference Award
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up to $500
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European Studies Council’s Fall Semester/Winter/Spring Break Travel Awards are available to Yale Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional School students who are members of the European Studies Graduate Fellows Network or the European Studies Undergraduate Fellows Network to help defray travel costs for short-term research trips or trips for conferences relating to Europe, Russia, or Eurasia. This is a supplemental award and awards will only be up to $500 per student.


European Studies Council’s Fall Semester/Winter/Spring Break Travel Awards are available to Yale Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional School students to help defray travel costs for short-term research trips or trips for conferences relating to Europe, Eurasia, or Russia. This is a supplemental award and awards will only be up to $500 per student.   
To be eligible for this award, applicants must be members of the European Studies Council’s Graduate Fellows Network or Undergraduate Fellows Network. Awards will be up to $500 and will be paid as reimbursements for substantiated expenses that conform to Yale travel and expenditure policies.  
Funds will be disbursed only when the student presents their receipts to the MacMillan Center Business Office that will monitor expenses and process payments. Receipts need to be submitted to within 10 days after completing travel or receiving their award letter, whichever happens second. More information about reimbursements:  

For more information, contact European Studies at

Applications will be reviewed based on the following deadlines: 

Travel from Aug 30 – Nov 19; Applications due 10/2/23 1:00 PM ET 

Travel from Nov 20 – Feb 18; Applications due 11/20/23 1:00PM ET 

Travel from Feb 19 – May 20; Applications due 2/19/24 1:00PM ET 

All applications will be reviewed after the corresponding deadline date above. A letter or email of recommendation is necessary and must be submitted by the deadline date. Summer travel does not qualify for this grant. 

Note: After completing all sections, please remember to click "Final Review and Submit" above to submit your application.

Application Information:

Notifications of awards will be made shortly after the three deadlines. Please submit your receipts for reimbursements within 10 business days of your return or receiving your award letter, whichever happens second. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture. 
Applicants must submit a project description describing the European, 
Russian, or Eurasian focus and include dates and locations of travel, unofficial transcript, proof of conference participation, A letter or email of recommendation, and budget including total of estimated expenses and noting available sources of and applications for other funds. Equipment purchases are not allowed. There is no reimbursement for food. Reimbursements will only be for travel, accommodations, or conference registration fees. 
For conference grant proposals, note that Ph.D. students should apply for MacMillan Center International Conference Travel grants first.  

Upon your return, please submit a report with photos of your research. More information is noted in the award letter. 

For more information, contact European Studies at

Restrictions to Use of Award:

Grants can pay for transportation, conference registration fee, and lodging only. Meals will need to paid from other sources.
IMPORTANT NOTE: All undergraduate students must adhere to the Yale University International Travel Policy. For more information go to 

Yale University policy requires that certain types of research projects involving human subjects be reviewed and approved by an Institutional Review Board (IRB) prior to the start of the study to ensure that the project meets University Policy and any other applicable regulations. To see if your project needs to be reviewed, for advice on working with human subjects, and for more information about the IRB process and requirements go to .

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For questions about this application, please contact Carly Koebel at

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        • -- Latvia (Eastern Europe/Russia)
        • -- Liechtenstein (Central Europe)
        • -- Lithuania (Eastern Europe/Russia)
        • -- Luxembourg (Northern Europe)
        • -- Macedonia (Balkans)
        • -- Malta (Southern Europe)
        • -- Moldova (Eastern Europe/Russia)
        • -- Monaco (Northern Europe)
        • -- Montenegro (Balkans)
        • -- Netherlands (Northern Europe)
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        • -- Poland (Central Europe)
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        • -- Slovakia (Central Europe)
        • -- Slovenia (Balkans)
        • -- Spain (Southern Europe)
        • -- Sweden (Northern Europe)
        • -- Switzerland (Central Europe)
        • -- Ukraine (Eastern Europe/Russia)
        • -- United Kingdom (Western Europe)
        • -- Vatican City (Southern Europe)
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