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Yale Library Senior Exhibit Fellowship 2020
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Every April, one Yale College junior is selected to receive library funding, mentoring, and production support to create and curate a professional-quality exhibit during their senior year. The exhibit is based on their senior essay research using materials from Yale Library archives or collections and will be on view beginning in April of their senior year. The selected student will be awarded a $4,200 stipend to subsidize a five-week summer research fellowship to be completed the summer between their junior and senior years.

To be considered for the Senior Exhibit Project that will open in April 2021, you must submit a project proposal by March 6th, along with letters of support from a Faculty Advisor and a Librarian Exhibit Advisor who have agreed to work with and advise you throughout the project.

In all cases, the exhibit will be based on the same research as your senior essay or thesis. As a curator, you will have an opportunity to explore presenting your research in a different narrative form. Yale University Library's exhibit professionals, under the direction of Exhibit Program Manager Kerri Sancomb, will work closely with the selected student, Faculty Advisor, and Library Advisor to plan and mount the exhibit. They will provide production tools, templates, technical expertise, and guidance for the physical production of the exhibit. They will also coordinate schedules, deadlines, and management of collections materials.

Some academic departments may accept the exhibit as a senior project, or in partial fulfillment of the senior project requirements. However, any such arrangement is at the discretion of the academic department. The student is responsible for discussing the senior project requirements with the academic department and securing the necessary approvals for use of the exhibit in this way.

As part of the fellowship requirements, the student is expected to complete a minimum of 25 hours of exhibit focused work in Yale University Library collections per week throughout the five-week fellowship period and meet weekly with the Librarian Advisor or Exhibit Program Manager. At the beginning of their senior year, the students will be asked to present a brief overview of their summer research experience at an outreach event to be scheduled

Restrictions to Use of Award:

Structure of fellowship:
  • Largely self-guided
  • Researcher orientation at specific/relevant library collections – led by Librarian Advisor
  • Orientation for research/object selection/identification – led by Program Manager
  • Curatorial workshops
  • Make appointments with library staff/curators to talk about process and approach to curating
  • One day exhibit production workshop or combination of half days

Fellowship Parameters:
  • Fellows are expected to complete a minimum of 25 hours per week of exhibit related work
  • Weekly check-in with your Librarian Advisor “status check” (10-minute review/reflection of discoveries or challenges incurred presented by fellow followed by discussion and next steps)
  • Check-ins with Exhibits Unit
  • Workshops on behind the scenes of exhibits and conservation

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