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The King's-Yale Fellowship will support a candidate who, on completion of their undergraduate degree, wishes to study for a one-year full-time Master's course in any subject (with the exception of MBA) at King's College in the University of Cambridge.  The award will cover tuition, room and board, settling-in fee, and a travel and conference allowance.

The candidate must articulate an interest in, and commitment to, pursuing academic research to the highest standard and outline how they will benefit from engaging in further study of their chosen subject. The candidate must have demonstrated through their aptitude, demeanor and academic results the potential to continue to a doctorate or other higher degree in their subject.

The candidate must apply for a place on any 1 year Master’s course offered by the University of Cambridge, and meet the criteria set by the admitting department or faculty. All 1 year Master’s courses existing at the time of application are eligible for support from the studentship. 

Application Information:

The King’s-Yale Fellowship award will cover University Composition (course) Fee; Maintenance; Settling-in fee (for Overseas students); Travel and Conference allowance.

Applications should be submitted via the Henry/Mellon/Kings Common Application accessible via the 'Apply' link.  A completed application includes:
  1. A 1000-word personal statement.  Please describe your academic and other interests.  The statement should describe the specific area of proposed study and reasons for wishing to study at Cambridge.  If you are applying to a 'taught' program, please describe how the courses are relevant to your objectives.  If you plan to pursue research, please outline your research proposal.
  2. Three letters of recommendation.At least two of these letters should be from those who have taught you and/or supervised research.  The third letter may also be academic or from someone who can comment on character/leadership.  Either way, please choose people who know you well.
  3. Résumé.  No more than two pages long.
  4. Transcript. unofficial Yale transcripts will be sufficient for the campus competition.  Please include any relevant transcripts from other universities attended.
  5. Evidence of application to Cambridge for the course of study proposed to begin the following fall.
Reference letters, which along with the personal statement are particularly important, should speak not only to the student's work but to the student's character; what is important to them, what is unique, and what they hope to achieve in the future.

The criteria instruct the panel to give consideration to well-rounded candidates. Examples of the following may give the committee insight into this element:
  • a candidate's ambassadorial qualities, which are considered to be as important as academic strengths
  • how a candidate intends to contribute to and participate in the life of King's and of the University
  • how a candidate will seek to have their perspectives on the world broadened by the people they meet in Cambridge, especially if considering a career in public service or the arts, including writing and journalism

Special Eligibility Requirements:

  • Yale College Seniors are eligible.
  • US and non-US citizens are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates must provide proof of application to, or acceptance onto, a one-year Master's course at Cambridge.

Links to Additional Information:

  1. Learn more about postgraduate study in Britain and UK Fellowships
  2. Yale Fellowships application advice
  3. Book a Fellowships advising appointment
  4. University of Cambridge website
  5. King's College website
  6. King's-Yale Fellowship site

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For questions about this application, please contact Rebekah Westphal at

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