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CIPE Spanish and Latin American Term Time Fellowships: Niebla
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Note: This application is run through the CIPE Term-Time Fellowships for Undergraduates Common Application

The donor of this fellowship spent time after graduating from Yale in various Latin American countries. She loved experiencing those countries, not as a tourist, but as an active participant in their cultures and lifestyles. This fellowship aims to fund a student with a similar enthusiasm for discovering the richness of life in a Latin American country by pursuing a project or activity.

The travel undertaken should be intellectually purposeful and personally enriching but need not contribute to an academic project. Funding is not available for formal coursework, including formal language study. The fellowship will support independent volunteer projects or internships in a Latin American country where Spanish is the primary language

Criteria for selection include the proposal's validity, feasibility, and the applicant's academic and other preparation to undertake the proposed project or position. 

The minimum duration for all independent projects is eight weeks, but may last as long as one or two terms or a summer plus a term. For summer projects or summer plus a term projects, apply via the CIPE Summer Common Application

Applicants must have completed at least one year of introductory Spanish at Yale (or the equivalent, as determined by a Yale language instructor.

Application Information:

The CIPE Spanish and Latin American Term Time Fellowships part of the CIPE Yale College Term Time Fellowships and all applicants must apply using the CIPE Term Time Fellowships Common Application.

The CIPE Term Time Fellowships Common Application is only for those students who intend to carry out a term-time project only or a term-time project which is different from their proposed summer project.

If you intend to carry out a project which extends through the summer into term-time, you should apply via the CIPE Summer Fellowships Common Application. Such projects are only supported by the following fellowships.
  • John O'Leary and Patricia Cepeda Fellowship for the Study of Latin America
  • Niebla Foundation Travel Fellowship
  • Thomas C Barry Travel fellowship
  • Yale College Class of 2004 Travel Fellowship
Students who have applied to any of the above fellowships to support a summer activity may not apply to the same fellowship to support a term-time project.

All Term-Time fellowship projects will require you to take a leave of absence from the university.

Special Eligibility Requirements:

Currently enrolled freshmen, sophomores, and juniors are eligible to apply. 

To satisfy the minimum duration requirements of the fellowship to which you are applying, your project must your sole activity, conducted without interruption, for the duration of the experience.

Please note that fellowship funds are meant to cover the costs of the proposed activity only. Budgets should not include compensation for lost income or funding towards the Student Income Contribution.

All interested applicants must review the Yale University International Travel Policy. Projects in specific countries within approved regions may not be eligible for funding based on current UnitedHealthcareGlobal threat ratings, State Department Warnings, and the Yale University International Travel Policy.

Yale University policy requires that certain types of research projects involving human subjects be reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB) prior to the start of the study to ensure that the project meets University requirements and any applicable regulations. Click here to see if your project needs to be reviewed, for advice on working with human subjects, and for more information about the process and requirements.

Students applying to fellowships to support activities in or near their home towns may not be eligible to receive funding for certain budget items (e.g. housing). Please ask a fellowships adviser for more information.

International student applicants should inform the Office of International Students and Scholars of their plans to ensure they will be in compliance with the terms of their visa.

For other funding possibilities, please consider the International Summer Award and these other resources.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

All interested applicants must review the Yale University International Travel Policy.

Links to Additional Information:

  1. CIPE Fellowship Policies
  2. Fellowship Programs, CIPE
  3. Yale University International Travel Policy

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For questions about this application, please contact Emma Rose at

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