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The Charles and Julia Henry Fund supports one year of postgraduate study at Oxford or Cambridge and is not renewable. The award provides tuition, approved fees, a cost of living stipend, and a transatlantic travel grant.

One Henry Fellow is named at Yale each year from among the graduating seniors.  The application process is coordinated through Fellowship Programs at the Yale Center for International & Professional Experience.

Application Information:

Note: The deadline by which members of the class of 2020 should apply for Yale's nomination for the Henry is 1pm on February 7, 2020.

Interested Yale applicants, after doing some research of their own (beginning with the links to further information below), may refer questions to Fellowship Programs at the Yale Center for International and Professional Experience (
meetings by appointment).

Candidates must apply to the degree program of their choice at Cambridge or Oxford, usually (although not always) prior to submitting an application to the Yale College Henry Fellowship Committee. If application has not already been made to Oxford or Cambridge, a substantive draft of the application must be submitted along with the application for the Henry. *Since certain popular programs fill up quickly, the Cambridge/Oxford application should be initiated early and must be completed well before the application deadline for the degree course of choice.

A complete application for the Henry consists of the following:
  1. The application for the Henry is available here. Note that the application requires you to ask for the signature of your College Dean, and that the essay about the proposed course of study may be no longer than 1,000 words.
  2. Three academic letters of recommendation may be submitted via the Student Grants Database OR submitted to the Fellowships office in hardcopy by the Yale application deadline. Yale's NOMINEE for the Henry will need to ensure that the Fellowships office has signed originals of all letters. (Please be sure to explain this to those writing on your behalf.) [These letters should be from those who have taught you and/or supervised academic research in an appropriate field; there is no requirement that all 3 letters come from current Yale faculty.]
  3. Transcripts: For the initial campus competition, unofficial transcripts will suffice; however, the nominee will need to provide official transcripts, from Yale College and from any other institution attended for post-secondary studies. Only one copy of each transcript is required.
  4. A cv of no more than two pages.
  5. Evidence of application to Cambridge/Oxford (a copy of one of the following: at least a substantive draft of the application for admission, notice that the university has received the application, or letter of acceptance from the university).
  6. OPTIONAL: a sample of written work or publications related to the proposed field of study.
Following the campus application deadline, the Yale committee reads applications and interviews short-listed candidates (typically either just before or just after spring break). Decisions are announced shortly thereafter.

Special Eligibility Requirements:

Eligible are unmarried students who will have received a Yale bachelor's degree by the beginning of the immediately following academic year. Very strong preference is given to graduating seniors.

US and non-US citizens are eligible to apply.

Candidates must submit evidence of distinction in some recognized branch of learning; a high academic standard is required. In addition, candidates must present a definite plan of study or research to be carried out, and the proposed work must fall within the university facilities available at Oxford or Cambridge. The choice of subject of study is unrestricted, provided it meets with the approval of the British university that the Henry Fellow will attend. (Henry candidates are responsible for their own admission and placement; see Application Information.)

The Committee will consider only those candidates who will not receive additional financial assistance and who are prepared to give their whole time to the purpose of the Henry Fellowship, i.e., study, active participation in the social and extracurricular life of the college in addition to academic work, and travel.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

This award is only for one year of postgraduate degree study at either Cambridge or Oxford.  It may not be deferred, extended, or combined with other awards (although Henry Fellows proposing degree courses of more than one year may--and indeed should--seek funding to support their studies after the first year).

Links to Additional Information:

  1. Learn more about postgraduate study in Britain and UK fellowships
  2. Yale Fellowships application advice
  3. Book a Fellowships advising appointment
  4. University of Cambridge website
  5. University of Oxford website

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For questions about this application, please contact Rebekah Westphal at

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