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Harold C. Conklin Research Fellowship in the Philippines
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Up to $3000
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  • COVID-19 and CEAS Grants
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Thanks to the CuUnjieng Aboitiz family, this fellowship provides support of up to $3000 to a Yale graduate or undergraduate student conducting primary source or direct summer or academic year research in the Philippines proper.  Recipients of the fellowship will be welcomed upon arrival in the Philippines to a dinner with the donor, who will also endeavor to provide introductions to any relevant members of society and institutions who may be helpful to the recipient’s research.

Requests for funding of brief visits (<4 weeks) to the research site are considered to be minimally productive, and will generally not be funded.  The Council favors field research durations of at least six weeks or more.

Any graduate or undergraduate student currently enrolled at Yale may apply.  Applicants who will graduate before the proposed project takes place will not be funded.

Application Information:

Deadline for submission of 2022 summer applications (including all supporting materials and recommendation letters) will be February 28, 2023 (11:59 P.M.).  Applications for academic 2023/2024 semester projects should also be submitted at this time.

Please calculate your budget carefully: post-award revisions in total amount are not permitted.

The Council expects applicants to have pursued relevant language training rather than (or in addition to) using translators and interpreters.  Applicants judged to be lacking appropriate language preparation to most effectively conduct their project will not be competitive.  Lacking that  (preferred) preparation, applicants are encouraged to plan and budget for formal language training during their stay, either prior to or concurrent with conducting their project.

Applicants are free to seek other and/or additional sources of funding for their project. As the best strategy for acquiring full funding, we recommend that students request maximum allowable amounts in all applications, rather than dividing their total budget among potential funding sources. (See CSEAS-Yale Overlaps for information and recommendations regarding Multiple Yale Awards Overlap process).

AWARD NOTIFICATIONS AND REPORTS: Subsequent to submission of your application, please notify the CSEAS office regarding final outcomes of any and all other pending grant applications as they become known (including ISA).  Should full funding or over-funding of total project budget occur, you will be expected to decline or reimburse award amounts over that total.

The Council recommends that all applicants who may be working with human subjects carefully consider whether their project requires a review.  The Council may request a review as a condition of an award (See "Restrictions to Use of Award" section below for additional information).

We hope to notify applicants of the awards on or before May 1.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

IMPORTANT NOTE:  All undergraduates must adhere to the Yale University International Travel Policy.  For more information go to

HUMAN SUBJECTS:  Should you be awarded this fellowship, please submit necessary IRB review application as soon as possible, and promptly submit IRB review results to CSEAS.  DELAYS IN CONFIRMATION OF IRB EXEMPTION OR APPROVAL COULD MEAN DELAY IN RELEASE OF YOUR FELLOWSHIP FUNDS.

**Should you fail to undertake or complete your project as planned and presented in your application, immediate notification is required.  Full or partial return of awarded funds may be expected.

Links to Additional Information:

Yale Southeast Asia Studies Student Grant information

Yale College Fellowship Budget preparation suggestions:

ALL STUDENTS are encouraged to REGISTER their travel in case of emergency.  See Yale Travel Registration site:

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For questions about this application, please contact Kasturi Gupta at

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