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Richard U. Light Fellowship - Summer Fall and Academic Year Study Only
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full funding
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The Richard U. Light Foundation has generously funded the Richard U. Light Fellowships at Yale to enable students to engage in language study in East Asia. This program was inaugurated in 1996.

The Foundation provides full funding (transportation, tuition, room and board, and incidentals) for Yale students of exceptional promise to study Chinese, Japanese, or Korean at specifically approved sites in the People's Republic of China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea. Applicants must obtain admission at Committee-approved sites. The Light Fellowship is fundamentally committed to intensive language study, but it further provides the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in cultures other than their own.

The Fellowship Committee seeks to identify applicants who demonstrate academic achievement, readiness for the proposed program, and commitment to language study in their academic or career plans. Candidates must have achieved a basic proficiency (at least one year of intensive study at Yale or a comparable program with at least one semester completed at Yale by the competition's final deadline) in the target language, but should not be fluent speakers of the language. Those who have advanced proficiency in one language may apply for the Fellowship in a second East Asian language. Citizenship is not a factor in the selection. Recipients are expected to continue language study after they return from Asia, preferably at Yale.

The Light Fellowships are awarded twice each year and are tenable for one Yale semester, an academic year, a summer, or combinations thereof. However, the deadlines posted here are NOT for spring study only (see the other Richard U. Light Fellowship listing for spring term only study). Eligible students are strongly encouraged to apply for Junior Year (Term) Abroad in conjunction with the Light Fellowship.

The Richard U. Light Fellowship Program welcomes applications from a diverse range of backgrounds and academic disciplines. You must be a registered and enrolled Yale student. All undergraduates (including graduating seniors), master's degree students, and professional students are eligible. Ph.D. students are eligible only if their language study in East Asia would be completed prior to submitting their prospectus.

Further information is available at the Light Fellowship Program offices (55 Whitney Avenue, 3rd Floor, Room 309B). To schedule an appointment with the office, please see the contact page. You may also wish to consult your language instructors and other Yale faculty for information on the different language programs.

Application Information:

Visit the Light Fellowship website ( for more information.

Supplemental Material: 

a) High school transcripts should NOT be submitted.

b) Graduate and professional students and transfer students must submit transcripts from their previous school(s).

c) Transcripts from completed, Light-approved language programs should be submitted. 

Special Eligibility Requirements:

Minimum of one year of Yale or Yale-equivalent language study in the target language. At least one semester must be completed at Yale by the competition's final deadline. You must be a registered and enrolled Yale student. All undergraduates (including graduating seniors), master's degree students, and professional students are eligible. Ph.D. students are eligible only if their language study in East Asia would be completed prior to submitting their prospectus.

Applicants must attend an information session to be eligible to apply. These are conducted in the fall semester. Visit the Light website for details about times and locations.

Restrictions to Use of Award:

Language study only at Light Fellowship approved programs. Not for research or travel.

Links to Additional Information:

Richard U. Light Fellowship Homepage

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Robert Clough at

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      • Study Abroad
      • Language Study
        Global Region or Country
        • Asia
        • -- China (East Asia)
        • -- Japan (East Asia)
        • -- South Korea (East Asia)
        • -- Taiwan (East Asia)
          Citizenship Status
          • U.S. citizens are eligible
          • Non-U.S. citizens are eligible
            Current FAS Graduate School Discipline
            • GS A&S Humanities - American Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Classics
            • GS A&S Humanities - Comparative Literature
            • GS A&S Humanities - East Asian Languages and Literatures
            • GS A&S Humanities - English Lang & Lit
            • GS A&S Humanities - Film Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - French
            • GS A&S Humanities - Germanic Languages and Literatures
            • GS A&S Humanities - History
            • GS A&S Humanities - History of Art
            • GS A&S Humanities - History of Medicine and Science
            • GS A&S Humanities - Italian Lang & Lit
            • GS A&S Humanities - Medieval Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Music
            • GS A&S Humanities - Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations
            • GS A&S Humanities - Philosophy
            • GS A&S Humanities - Religious Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Renaissance Studies
            • GS A&S Humanities - Slavic Languages and Literatures
            • GS A&S Humanities - Spanish and Portuguese
            • GS A&S Science - Applied Mathematics
            • GS A&S Science - Astronomy
            • GS A&S Science - Biological and Biomedical Sciences
            • GS A&S Science - Biostatistics
            • GS A&S Science - Cell Biology
            • GS A&S Science - Cellular and Molecular Physiology
            • GS A&S Science - Chemistry
            • GS A&S Science - Computational Biology and Bioinformatics
            • GS A&S Science - Computer Science
            • GS A&S Science - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
            • GS A&S Science - Engineering and Applied Science
            • GS A&S Science - Epidemiology and Public Health
            • GS A&S Science - Experimental Pathology
            • GS A&S Science - Forestry and Environmental Studies
            • GS A&S Science - Genetics
            • GS A&S Science - Geology and Geophysics
            • GS A&S Science - Immunobiology
            • GS A&S Science - Investigative Medicine
            • GS A&S Science - Mathematics
            • GS A&S Science - Microbiology
            • GS A&S Science - Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry
            • GS A&S Science - Molecular; Cellular and Developmental Biology
            • GS A&S Science - Neurobiology
            • GS A&S Science - Neuroscience
            • GS A&S Science - Pharmacology
            • GS A&S Science - Physics
            • GS A&S Social Science - African American Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - African Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - Anthropology
            • GS A&S Social Science - Archaeological Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - East Asian Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - Economics
            • GS A&S Social Science - European and Russian Studies
            • GS A&S Social Science - International and Development Economics
            • GS A&S Social Science - International Relations
            • GS A&S Social Science - Linguistics
            • GS A&S Social Science - Management
            • GS A&S Social Science - Political Science
            • GS A&S Social Science - Psychology
            • GS A&S Social Science - Sociology
            • GS A&S Social Science - Statistics
              Current Professional School Discipline
              • School of Architecture All
              • Arc - M. Architecture I
              • Arc - M. Architecture II
              • Arc - M. Environmental Design
              • School of Art All
              • Art - Graphic Design
              • Art - Painting/Printmaking
              • Art - Photography
              • Art – Sculpture
              • School of Divinity All
              • Div - M. Divinity
              • Div - M.A. Religion
              • Div - S.T.M.
              • School of Drama All
              • Dra - M. Fine Arts
              • Dra - D. Fine Arts
              • School of Epidemiology and Public Health All
              • EPH - Biostatistics
              • EPH - Chronic Disease Epidemiology
              • EPH - Environmental Health Sciences
              • EPH - Epidemiology of Microbial Diseases
              • EPH - Global Health
              • EPH - Health Management
              • EPH - Health Policy and Administration
              • EPH - Social and Behavioral Sciences
              • School of Forestry and Environmental Studies All
              • FES - M. Environmental Management
              • FES - M. Environmental Science
              • FES - M. Forest Science
              • FES - M. Forestry
              • FES - Ph.D
              • School of Law All
              • Law - M.S.L
              • Law - LL.M
              • Law - JD
              • Law - J.S.D
              • School of Management All
              • SOM (MBA) - Finance
              • SOM (MBA) - Leadership
              • SOM (MBA) - Marketing
              • SOM (MBA) - Nonprofit Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Operations Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Public Management
              • SOM (MBA) - Strategy
              • SOM (PhD) - Accounting
              • SOM (PhD) - Finance
              • SOM (PhD) – Marketing
              • School of Medicine All
              • YSM - M.D.
              • YSM - Ph.D
              • School of Music All
              • Mus - M. Music
              • Mus - M. Musical Arts
              • Mus - D. Musical Arts
              • School of Nursing All
              • Nur - M.S.N.
              • Nur - D.N.Sc.
                Begin Accepting Applications Date:
                Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
                1/15/2019 1:00 PM