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The Alexander P. Hixon Fellowship supports Yale international undergraduate students pursuing summer travel within the United States for research, independent projects, or unpaid/low-paid opportunities. U.S. citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents are ineligible. Special priority is given to applications from students who hold Alexander P. Hixon Scholarships, with secondary preference given to students from Africa but all international students are welcome, and encouraged to apply. These fellowships were established through the generosity of Alexander P. Hixon '38 B.A.

This fellowship is administered by the Yale College Fellowship Programs at the Center for International and Professional Experience.

Minimum duration: 6 weeks. The project/research/opportunity must be carried out, uninterrupted, for a minimum of 6 consecutive weeks. Projects of shorter duration will not be considered. The proposed project must be a full-time commitment and be the primary activity for the duration of the fellowship.

  • Guidance on planning a project can be found here.
  • Guidance on creating fellowship application materials can be found here.

  • Application Information:

    A complete application will consist of:

    1. Short-answer question: A 200-250 word reflection "What have you done, or will you do, to understand and prepare for what will be expected of you by the individuals and communities with which you will work during this project? Consider the expectations of various stakeholders within the organization or community you will be working with, regarding the impact and possible outcomes (positive and negative) of your proposed project."

    If you are undertaking a public interest or community service-related project, please refer to the resources on the fellowships website. Your response should demonstrate engagement with the Dwight Hall Method, a rigorous approach to social change.

    2. Project Proposal: A written proposal (1000 words, maximum, double spaced) describing in detail the project, internship, program of study, research or travel, its objectives and challenges, your preparation, and how it will enhance and diversify your personal and academic goals. A well-planned itinerary should be included, if appropriate. Your Project Proposal/Program of Study must be uploaded as a Word or PDF document. Please see the Fellowships website for advice on writing a proposal.

    3. Letter of Reference: One letter of recommendation. This will be requested and submitted electronically through the Student Grants Database. You will be able to solicit this letter once you have started your application for the CIPE Yale College Summer Fellowships. Additional letters of recommendation will not be accepted. Letters of invitation or affiliation will not be accepted as letters of reference. Letters are expected to be received by the application deadline. Applications without a letter of recommendation will not be reviewed.

    4. Resume/List of Activities and Awards: A current résumé, including significant extracurricular activities, work experience, awards and honors (one-page maximum, additional pages will be discarded). Your Resume/List of Activities and Awards must be uploaded as a Word or PDF document.

    5. Unofficial Yale Transcript and Transcripts from Other Institutions: You will be required to upload your Unofficial Yale transcript and, if applicable, unofficial transcripts from any institution attended for post-secondary studies. Your transcript(s) must be scanned, uploaded and submitted electronically. Only submit the pages of your transcript showing grades, we do not require the codes on the back.

    6. Budget: You will be required to submit a carefully researched budget outlining the expected costs involved in undertaking the activity you propose. Please see the Fellowships website for guidance on creating a feasible budget.

    Special Eligibility Requirements:

    The fellowship is intended for Yale international undergraduate students only. U.S. citizens and U.S. Permanent Residents are ineligible for this fellowship.

    Applicants should schedule an appointment with the Yale International Tax Office to make sure their paperwork is in order to receive a fellowship check. International students who receive a fellowship to remain in the US are generally taxed on that fellowship at a rate of 14%.

    Interested applicants may schedule an appointment with a Fellowship Adviser; however, meeting with an adviser is not mandatory.

    This fellowship is not intended to support experiences which have a participation fee or a program fee.

    Restrictions to Use of Award:

    To satisfy the minimum duration requirements of the fellowship to which you are applying, your project must your sole activity, conducted without interruption, for the duration of the experience.

    Please note that fellowship funds are meant to cover the costs of the proposed activity only. Budgets should not include compensation for lost income or funding towards the Student Income Contribution.

    All interested applicants must review the Yale University International Travel Policy. Projects in specific countries within approved regions may not be eligible for funding based on current ISOS threat ratings, State Department Warnings, and the Yale University International Travel Policy.

    Yale University policy requires that certain types of research projects involving human subjects be reviewed by an institutional review board (IRB) prior to the start of the study to ensure that the project meets University requirements and any applicable regulations. Click here to see if your project needs to be reviewed, for advice on working with human subjects, and for more information about the process and requirements.

    International student applicants should inform the Office of International Students and Scholars of their plans to ensure they will be in compliance with the terms of their visa. If you are an international student engaging in a completely unpaid summer opportunity AND you have been granted the fellowship, you may still need to use OPT to engage in this opportunity. Please schedule an appointment with the Office of International Students & Scholars for more details about your specific situation.

    For other funding possibilities, please consider the Summer Experience Award and these other resources.

    Links to Additional Information:

    CIPE Fellowship Policies
    Fellowship Programs, CIPE
    Yale University International Travel Policy
    CIPE Summer Common Application
    Project planning resources

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